Knoxville Area Veterans Stand Down

Knoxville Area Homeless Veterans Stand Down    September 26, 2015

National Guard Armory at 3300 Sutherland Avenue, Knoxville, TN
Knoxville Area Homeless Veteran Stand-Down  September 26, 2015 8am - 4pm.  
Breakfast will be served 8am-9:30am and Lunch is served 12pm to 1:30pm.
Parking is limited. Be sure to use the transportation that is provided for Veterans. 
Veteran Registration Form and Clothing Registration Form will be provided also.
These forms will be available July. Sept.25 DEADLINE. Click and Print please.
Please return to VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA, 2821 E. Magnolia Ave.. Knoxville, TN.  865-546-4813
The event will include many Veteran's Organizations as well as R.A.M for your convenience. 
click and print !

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Volunteers of America 
511 N. Broadway 
  Volunteer Ministry Center Bldg.

PLEASE USE transportation provided. PARKING is LIMITED this year.  
  DEADLINE to V of A is Sept. 25.
Stand DOWN is September 26, 2015! Pick UP on Magnolia Ave and at the MISSION. 

Our Vision

Helping the Homeless to restore their ties with their fellow citizens.

Our Mission

To provide an environment for discharged homeless veterans to rest, feel safe, and to learn of community services.

Our Goal

Provide outreach events to encourage, educate, and empower the homeless veteran.

                                                                                  ALL who serve our great country....we salute YOU.
                                                                             AND...their families...for the love.
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                                                                                          ALL in a day's work, right?
Red Skelton Pledge of Allegiance.. 


      EDDIE & FABULOUS CREW does it again for 2014

See ALL his incredible crew BELOW please. 
NEVER bite the hand that feeds ya! Right?


What HAVE you done with YOUR dash?  Think about the life you have led.  HAVE you given back? 
These are people who do...give back.  THANK you ALL for a Successful 2014 STAND DOWN.
SEE YOU September 26, 1015. same place. same rules.  

   NEXT YEAR-Sept.26,2015
       Knoxville Area Homeless Veterans Stand Down  October 11, 2014

This is a website about the Honor Guard in funerals and other events.     Honor Guard.url
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Missing Man Table by Ann Wolf of Walland, TN.    grab a hanky.
                           Donations sorted, organized and disseminated by:  
                    Clyde, Paul, Rob, Rolling Thunder and USCAV
 Shoes for Stand Down

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
officially purchased 25 pairs of waterproof boots for Stand Down.
larger sizes, 11.5 through 14!

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     LIVE at the Tennessee Valley Fair 2015/
click and hit play for audio.  The story he told of his writing the song: Traveling too much took them away from their small children. He wanted in song to tell them how much he missed and loved them.  Release was set for Oct.. 2001.  Then 9-11-2001 happened.
The group decided for an early release. On 9-12-2001.  It fit and fits perfectly. grab a hankie.
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